Input to State Stability and Related Notions [report]

Eduardo D. Sontag
2001 unpublished
The input to state stability (ISS) paradigm provides a way to formulate questions of stability with respect to disturbances, as well as to conceptually unify detectability, input/output stability, minimumphase behavior, and other systems properties. This series of talks will discuss the main theoretical results concerning ISS and related notions. The proofs of some of the results will be sketched, showing in particular connections to relaxation problems for differential inclusions, converse
more » ... sions, converse Lyapunov theorems, and nonsmooth analysis. The main focus is the "input to state stability" way of thinking about nonlinear stability questions. Consider the general "port" picture
doi:10.21236/ada406692 fatcat:4lz4htob4fhobci5cqpwuaajtu