Experimental Implementation of a Quantum Optical State Comparison Amplifier

Ross J. Donaldson, Robert J. Collins, Electra Eleftheriadou, Stephen M. Barnett, John Jeffers, Gerald S. Buller
2015 Physical Review Letters  
Quantum optical amplification that beats the noise addition limit for deterministic amplifiers has been realized experimentally using several different nondeterministic protocols. These schemes either require single-photon sources, or operate by noise addition and photon subtraction. Here we present an experimental demonstration of a protocol that allows nondeterministic amplification of known sets of coherent states with high gain and high fidelity. The experimental system employs the two
more » ... mploys the two mature quantum optical technologies of state comparison and photon subtraction and does not rely on elaborate quantum resources such as single-photon sources. The use of coherent states rather than single photons allows for an increased rate of amplification and a less complex photon source. Furthermore it means that the amplification is not restricted to low amplitude states. With respect to the two key parameters, fidelity and amplified state production rate, we demonstrate, without the use of quantum resources, significant improvements over previous experimental implementations.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.114.120505 pmid:25860729 fatcat:gx56lej6bbeulifnzgp3qqr4cy