Some English, County, and Borough Asylums, 1899

1901 Journal of Mental Science  
Bristol City Asylum.—Dr. Benham points out that the admission of old incurable cases is often a matter of necessity, since the magistrates, knowing that the imbecile wards of the local workhouses are blocked up and insufficient, feel bound to send them to the asylum. He refers to the recommendation of the Select Committee on Cottage Homes, one of which was that all pauper epileptics and imbeciles should be provided for in separate institutions outside the workhouse, which he thinks should be
more » ... thinks should be sanctioned by Parliament forthwith. The asylum had no less than sixteen, or nearly one half of the total number of male attendants called up as reservists.
doi:10.1192/bjp.47.196.201 fatcat:apbhw4igq5f5rfwb7ptxgv6mcy