Kyosei between Generations ─ in pursuit of expanding rolls of active seniors
世代間の共生──林住期(アクティブ・シニア)の 生き方を中心として

2012 Kyosei kagaku  
The traditional concept of generational structure of society is, to a considerable extent, responsible for the doldrums of industrialized societies., suggesting that it consists of three generations; those who were born and are being educated (first generation), those who are productive in the society and in the family (second generation), and those who have retired from the society (third generation). The last category as a whole is considered to be a major burden which is becoming heavier and
more » ... ecoming heavier and heavier. However, in between the second and the third generations, a new generation has emerged in these societies: those who are over mid-fifties to over mid-eighties, and healthy and ready to contribute to the society. In Japan they constitute about 30% of the total population. Conceptualizing this emerging generation as the Active
doi:10.32137/kyosei.3.3_25 fatcat:lbfrz2tkgjgernwrysgna2iqma