G.D. Etirmishli, R.R. Abdullaeva, S.S. Ismailova, S.E. Kazimova
2022 Zemletriaseniia Severnoi Evrazii [Earthquakes in Northern Eurasia]  
In 2016–2017, the network of Azerbaijan seismic stations included 35 digital stations, which continued to operate unchanged. The set of parameters determined for assessing the earthquake magnitude was the same as in 2015. The local magnitude MLАзр was determined only. The total number of earthquakes recorded by the Azerbaijan network of stations amounted to 6044 in 2016 and 6094 in 2017. However, only 128 of them with MLAzr3.0 are given in the catalogue of earthquakes of Azerbaijan published
more » ... the Electronic supplement to this article. Seismic activity in the study area remained unchanged. The number of earthquakes of a representative level (K≥9) compared to their number in 2015, as well as the released seismic energy changed insignificantly. In 2016 the most significant seismic event on the territory of the Republic was the earthquake of August 1 with MLAzr=5.6 and intensity at the epicenter I0=5, and in 2017 – of November 15 with MLAzr=5.7 and seismic intensity at the epicenter I0=7.
doi:10.35540/1818-6254.2022.25.04 fatcat:hffgdkpnsvhx7ldoxb2bsumcu4