Cyberkrieg – eine vorhersehbare Überraschung?

Matthias Wolfram
2013 S+F. Sicherheit und Frieden. Security and Peace  
While cyber attacks are subject of a wide range of publications, the question of whether a cyber war is going on or even possible at all remains hotly contested with the opponents seemingly gaining the upper hand lately. But the characterization as a mere hype or as threat inflation to augment own funding in times of shrinking budgets misses two points: not only are cyber wars theoretically possible, but we still miss coherent categories and definitions to grasp the full extent of possible
more » ... nt of possible attacks. The following essay is trying to weigh these aspects and offers two scenarios of plausible cyber wars as well as steps towards a better definition of the challenges.
doi:10.5771/0175-274x-2013-3-170 fatcat:523m3dzkn5a4rjlxzf6wiyqa7a