On the deformation of laminated composite and sandwich curved beams

Pravin V. Avhad, Atteshamuddin S. Sayyad
2021 Curved and Layered Structures  
Plenty of research articles are available on the static deformation analysis of laminated straight beams using refined shear deformation theories. However, research on the deformation of laminated curved beams with simply supported boundary conditions is limited and needs more attention nowadays. With this objective, the present study deals with the static analysis of laminated composite and sandwich beams curved in elevation using a new quasi-3D polynomial type beam theory. The theory
more » ... the effects of both transverse shear and normal strains, i.e. thickness stretching effects. In the present theory, axial displacement has expanded up to the fifth-order polynomial in terms of thickness coordinates to effectively account for the effects of curvature and deformations. The present theory satisfies the zero traction boundary condition on the top and bottom surfaces of the beam. Governing differential equations and associated boundary conditions are established by using the Principal of virtual work. Navier's solution technique is used to obtain displacements and stresses for simply supported beams curved in elevation and subjected to uniformly distributed load. The present results can be benefited to the upcoming researchers.
doi:10.1515/cls-2022-0001 fatcat:qihnrx2pfnfdhpttsrmsgmjbie