Стан дослідження кримінологічних аспектів індивідуальної профілактики корисливих злочинів неповнолітніх

Роксолана Романiвна Гуцул
2020 Zenodo  
In Ukraine, there is a steady growth of criminal offenses committed by minors. The danger of criminal offenses lies in their mass, as well as in significant damage to society. That is why the state must understand this danger of offenses for the whole society, which, in turn, will force the relevant authorities to carry out prevention not only of crimes but also of criminal offenses. The permanent development of society, along with the positive achievements that improve the life of each
more » ... ife of each individual, generates new forms of illegal activity, which over time are criminalized, which in turn necessitates their scientific understanding and thorough study within the criminal cycle/ At the same time, the current legal framework for the prevention of mercenary juvenile delinquency remains fragmented, which significantly complicates its implementation in practice. Currently, preventive activities are carried out chaotically and in the minimum possible mode. The aim of the work is to analyze the study of criminological aspects of individual prevention of juvenile delinquency on the basis of dissertation research and research papers, which in turn will identify problems and prospects in the legal regulation of individual prevention of juvenile delinquency in Ukraine. Our study is intended to fill the gap in this area. The article deals with the state of the study of criminological aspects of individual prevention of juvenile offenses. It is proved that this topic is not well researched and illuminated due to the fact that at present the issue of individual prevention of selfish crimes is not solved. Theory and generalized practice show that there is a fair amount of scientific work that addresses certain issues in the prevention of juvenile delinquency, but this is all at a general level. Note that the definitions below do not fully reflect the signs of individual prevention. Unfortunately, there is also no legislative definition of the concept of "individual prevention work".
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3890602 fatcat:2ydabetawrhhjlfvbdz3bozum4