An Indirect Measurement Method for Gas Consumption of a Diaphragm Gas Meter Based on Gas Pressure Signal Detection

Zhao Han, Xiaoli Wang, Baochen Jiang, Xiaopeng Chen
2019 Applied Sciences  
At present, the remote meter reading problem for a large number of existing domestic diaphragm gas meters has not been reliably solved. The diaphragm gas meter uses a physical structure to measure gas consumption, so the main problem of remote meter reading is the digitization of gas consumption. Although it is possible to digitize the consumption data by modifying the internal structure of the gas meter or adding sensors, thereby realizing the function of remote meter reading, the modification
more » ... g, the modification process is complicated, the modification cost is high, and manual meter reading can only be used for the existing diaphragm gas meters. For this reason, this paper proposes an indirect measurement method of gas consumption based on gas pressure signal detection. The method can digitalize the metering results of the mechanical diaphragm gas meter and develop a state detection function by analyzing the pressure signal of the outlet of the meter without modifying the internal structure of a meter, thus addressing the key difficulties in the construction of a gas meter remote meter reading system. The experimental results show that this method has small calculation error and high reliability.
doi:10.3390/app9122475 fatcat:hr2ukp4fgfb5joo3lkudgivf3y