Comparative Study of the Conventional Electrostatic Precipitator and the Proposed Smart Electrostatic Precipitator Based on the Various Electrical Erection Challenges

Sandeep Krishnan, Sethuraman, Anna Antony
2007 International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (An ISO   unpublished
Aninsight view of the various electrical equipments and working of Electrostatic precipitator is explained in this paper along with the challenges that are being faced while carrying out the erection of the various electricalequipments, testing and commissioning of the Electrostatic precipitator. As a case study an Electrostatic precipitator that is commonly usedin an integrated steel plant is analyzed.A new proposal of the smart Electrostatic precipitator is being done in this paper. This
more » ... is paper. This minimizes the total cost that includes the erection costs, the time required for erection,testing and commissioning.