Life-Cycle Assessment of the Substitution of Sand with Coal Bottom Ash in Concrete: Two Concrete Design Methods

Svetlana Pushkar
2019 Applied Sciences  
Life-cycle assessments (LCAs) were conducted to evaluate the replacement of sand with coal bottom ash (CBA) in concrete. CBA is a byproduct of coal-fueled electricity production. Sand was replaced with CBA at proportions of 0, 25, 50, 75, and 100 wt.%, and the resultant concretes were denoted as CBA0, CBA25, CBA50, CBA75, and CBA100, respectively. Two concrete mixture design methods (that resulted in different component qualities of concrete mixtures) were used: (i) Mixture with a fixed slump
more » ... ith a fixed slump (MIX-fixed-SLUMP) and (ii) mixture with a fixed water/cement ratio (MIX-fixed-W/C). The ReCiPe2016 midpoint and single score (six methodological options) methods were followed to compare the environmental damage caused by the CBA-based concretes. The ReCiPe2016 results showed that replacing sand with CBA was environmentally (i) beneficial with the MIX-fixed-SLUMP design and (ii) harmful with the MIX-fixed-W/C design. Therefore, using CBA as a partial sand replacement in concrete production is a controversial issue as it highly depends on the concrete mixture design method.
doi:10.3390/app9173620 fatcat:46s6axysgja3jjg4w57hquwtvm