Phase Composition and Structure-Formation of the Low-Clinkered Floured Cements

N.B. Sarsenbayev, B.K. Sarsenbayev, Т.S. Aubakirova, J.T. Aimenov, K.S. Abdiramanova
2014 Eurasian Chemico-Technological Journal  
<p>We have carried out studies on the production of low-clinkered floured cements (LCFC) on the basis of natural and technogenic waste. The research on optimizing the compositions, strength, durability and performance properties of low-clinkered floured cements (LCFC) was carried out. Therefore, we studied the new products in the process of hydration of mechanically activated multi-component cements in the presence of technogenic wastes of the industry (waste of limestone crushing at opencast
more » ... shing at opencast mines, metallurgical and phosphoric slag) and surface-active reagents (SAR) (superplasticizer S-3); as well as the development of compositions of high-strength and technological sorts of cement concretes. Thus, the low-clinkered floured cements developed by us based on industrial technogenic waste that meet the modern requirements, i.e. they improve physical-mechanical characteristics of the material and positively influence the ecological situation and allow decreasing the cost of final product. The physico-chemical research of the processes of hydration of low-clinkered floured cements with additive of superplasticizer S-3 were carried out by modern methods using X-ray diffract-meter D8ADVANCE (Bruker company) with Cu-radiation and synchronous thermo-analyzer STA 409 PC Luxx (Netzsch, Germany) at exposure mode of 10 º/min in the platinum crucibles in the air conditions.</p>
doi:10.18321/ectj2 fatcat:kqe3swllx5ardiiviiyrkratha