Report on Progress in Thoracic Disease

1886 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
pulse-rate ; six were fatal, two recovered. Belonging partly to one and partly to the other of the two preceding classes, there were reported ten cases of papillomatous cysts. Six recovered, four were unsuccessful. Dolan says of these tumors, " They are very intolerant of surgical interference, and are very formidable both for operator and patient." Many of them starting from the parovarium grow between the folds of the broad ligament stretching it over the cyst surface, while others, taking
more » ... e others, taking their origin from the nilum of the ovary, often become iutraligamentous as their development progresses. These tumors are very bountifully supplied with blood, forming extensive adhesions from their inception, often impossible of removal except by enucleation, growing very closely upon the uterus, even when operated upon very early, make the case a difficult one and sometime necessarily fatal. Yet, of every variety of ovarian cystoma, this most emphatically demands the earliest possible removal, because of its tendency to degenerative change and rupture, and, because, if it be not malignant from its commencement, it soon acquires that character. An examination of the detailed reports of the six hundred cases, shows several that were essentially fatal from various causes other than extensive adhesions or de-
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