Unraveling the relationship between electromagnetic field intensity and the magnetic modulation of the wave vector of coupled surface plasmon polaritons

Jorge F Torrado, Juan B González-Díaz, Antonio García-Martín, Gaspar Armelles
2013 New Journal of Physics  
The magnetic-field-induced wave-vector modulation of surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) is analytically derived for dielectric/metal and dielectric/metal/dielectric systems when a very thin magneto-optical metallic film is placed at different positions in the metal. In the simplest case of a single dielectric/metal interface, the SPP wave-vector modulation is found to be proportional to the intensity of the electromagnetic field at the location of the magneto-optically active layer. For the more
more » ... layer. For the more complex dielectric/metal/dielectric systems, the SPPs existing at each dielectric/metal interface interact to give rise to modes with a symmetric-and anti-symmetric-like character. We show that in this case the relationship between wave-vector modulation and field distribution is more complex and does not follow a proportionality law for coupled eigenmodes.
doi:10.1088/1367-2630/15/7/075025 fatcat:ktufrfi3efddpietd2dvpj23ei