Voluntary attention modulates motion-induced mislocalization

P. Tse, D. Whitney, S. Anstis, P. Cavanagh
2011 Journal of Vision  
When a test is flashed on top of two superimposed, opposing motions, the perceived location of the test is shifted in opposite directions depending on which of the two motions is attended. Because the stimulus remains unchanged as attention switches from one motion to the other, the effect cannot be due to stimulus-driven, low-level motion. A control condition ruled out any contribution from possible attention-induced cyclotorsion of the eyes. This provides the strongest evidence to date for a
more » ... ence to date for a role of attention in the perception of location, and establishes that what we attend to influences where we perceive objects to be.
doi:10.1167/11.11.119 fatcat:eg3nibove5avhlamqznmb5rldy