Extending Storability of Persimmon Fruit cv. Karaj by Postharvest Application of Salicylic Acid

O Khademi, Z Zamani, Y Mostofi, S Kalantari, A Ahmadi
2012 J. Agr. Sci. Tech   unpublished
The main postharvest problems of persimmon in Iran are severe softening and disease incidence on the fruits during storage. Therefore, delay in softening and/or control of diseases result in the storage life extension of persimmon fruit. The strategy of induced disease resistance in plants by biotic and abiotic treatments is an attractive method for controlling diseases. Salicylic acid (SA) is a well known natural inducer of disease resistance in plants. In this study persimmon fruits cv. Karaj
more » ... on fruits cv. Karaj were treated at harvest with SA at 0 (as control), 1 and 2 mM and the quality parameters of the fruit were measured during 3 months of storage at monthly intervals. The most noticeable effect of postharvest SA application on stored persimmon fruit was the reduction of disease incidence at 2 mM concentration, while 1 mM SA failed to control diseases. Results showed that SA did not affect TSS, titratable acidity, soluble tannin content, and fruit firmness. Also, SA could not suppress ethylene production compared to the control. SA treatment at 2 mM concentration reduced postharvest disease incidence of persimmon fruit by inducible defense mechanism, being suitable for increasing postharvest life of the fruit.