Integrated analysis of mRNA-seq and miRNA-seq in calyx abscission zone of Korla fragrant pear involved in calyx persistence

Li Ma, Li Zhou, Shaowen Quan, Hang Xu, Jieping Yang, Jianxin Niu
2019 BMC Plant Biology  
The objective of this study was to characterize molecular mechanism of calyx persistence in Korla fragrant pear by transcriptome and small RNA sequencing. Abscission zone tissues of flowers at three stages (the first, fifth and ninth days of the late bloom stage), with 50 mg/L GA 3 (calyx persistence treatment, C_1, C_5, C_9) or 500 mg/L PP 333 (calyx abscission treatment, T_1, T_5, T_9), were collected and simultaneously conducted transcriptome and small RNA sequencing. Results: Through
more » ... tion analysis of transcriptome and small RNA sequencing, mRNA-miRNA network was conducted. Compared calyx persistence groups with calyx abscission groups during the same stage, 145, 56 and 150 mRNA-miRNA pairs were obtained in C_1 vs T_1, C_5 vs T_5 and C_9 vs T_9, respectively; When C_1 compared with C_5 and C_9, 90 and 506 mRNA-miRNA pairs were screened respectively, and 255 mRNA-miRNA pairs were obtained from the comparison between C_5 and C_9; When T_1 compared with the T_5 and T_9, respectively, 206 and 796 mRNA-miRNA pairs were obtained, and 383 mRNA-miRNA pairs were obtained from the comparison between T_5 and T_9. These mRNAs in miRNA-mRNA pairs were significantly enriched into the terpenoid backbone biosynthesis, photosynthesis -antenna proteins, porphyrin and chlorophyll metabolism, carotenoid biosynthesis, zeatin biosynthesis and plant hormone signal transduction. In addition, we obtained some key genes from miRNA-mRNA pairs that may be associated with calyx abscission, including protein phosphatase 2C (psi-miR394a-HAB1), receptor-like protein kinase (psi-miR396a-5p-HERK1), cellulose synthase-like protein D3 (psi-miR827-CSLD3), beta-galactosidase (psi-miR858b-β-galactosidase), SPL-psi-miR156j/157d, abscisic acid 8′-hydroxylase 1 (psi-miR396a-5p-CYP707A1) and auxin response factor (psi-miR160a-3p-ARF6, psi-miR167d-ARF18, psi-miR167a-5p-ARF25), etc. Conclusion: By integrated analysis mRNA and miRNA, our study gives a better understanding of the important genes and regulation pathway related to calyx abscission in Korla fragrant pear. We have also established the network of miRNA-mRNA pairs to learn about precise regulation of miRNA on calyx abscission.
doi:10.1186/s12870-019-1792-0 fatcat:g7ijriundzdhjm557l3c2jn7am