One-Day Prognoses of Methane Concentrations for the 102 Longwall in the 325/1 Seam in the "W" Coal Mine Operating in a Continuous System

Aneta Grodzicka, Henryk Badura, Natalia Shaidurova, Kirill Sentyakov, Vladislav Sviatskii
2020 New Trends in Production Engineering  
AbstractThe first part of the paper concerns the natural deposition conditions of the 325/1 seam in the "W" coal mine, in the 102 longwall mining panel. It also presents the most important technical conditions regarding the exploitation at this longwall. To characterize the methane hazard in the longwall area, the parameters of ventilation and total methane concentrations as well as the volumetric flowrate of methane captured by the methane removal system, have been presented graphically. A
more » ... graphically. A significant part of the methane flow in the longwall area was released to the air flowing to the longwall. The most significant part of the article is the presentation and analysis of the results of prognoses of mean methane concentrations at the exhaust of the longwall area. The accuracy of the prognoses of methane concentration was verified using two methods: while not considering the release of methane to the air flowing to the longwall and while considering the total flowrate of methane to the ventilation air in the area of the 102 longwall. The method of forecast presented in the article has so far been checked for a 5-day and 6-day work day, as well as for walls operating in a non-regular mode. The article refers to the wall operating in a continuous mode, which required adaptation of the proposed method to this mode. The application of the one-day forecast proposed in the article allows for undertaking temporary methane prevention measures enabling safe use of the wall.
doi:10.2478/ntpe-2020-0014 fatcat:nceutcfhungqnaizj2cdcjbmoi