The hot flow behavior of Al-2wt.%Cu-1wt.%Mn alloy based on Gleebe-3800 hot compression simulation

JinLong Chen, Hengcheng Liao, Heting Xu, Dong-Won Jung
2018 MATEC Web of Conferences  
Flow behavior of Al-2.0wt.%Cu-1.0wt.%Mn aluminum alloy was investigated by hot compressive test using a Gleebe-3800 thermal simulator. The test parameters about temperature and strain rate range from 573K to 773 K and from 0.01s -1 to 5s -1 , respectively, and the true strain is up to 0.6. It can be seen that the peak flow stress increases with increasing the strain rate and decreases by deformation temperature. And the deformation activation energy of Al-2.0wt.%Cu-1.0wt.%Mn alloy is
more » ... l. A constitutive equation has been constructed to predict the hot deformation behavior, and correlate the peak flow stress predicted with strain rate and deformation temperature. MATEC Web of Conferences 207, 03016 (2018)
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201820703016 fatcat:tg6ltp2eiffu3epdj5bfkaeliu