Strategy for permanent contracting within the program of universal vaccination
Estrategia de contratación permanente dentro del programa de vacunación universal

R Calderón-Ortiz, J Mejía-Mejía
Salud Pública de México  
To evaluate the results of a vaccination strategy on children under one year of age, aimed at increasing the coverage of the complete vaccination scheme, and at improving early entry into the program. In Tixtla, Guerrero, Mexico, from April to December 1994, two basic geo-statistical areas (BGSA) were studied. Each area had an average number of 100 children under one year of age. In the area of intervention, people from the community were hired on a permanent basis for early recruitment of
more » ... recruitment of children (under two months of age) and for appropriate vaccination of children with incomplete vaccination schemes. In the control area vaccination campaigns were offered periodically. It was found that the strategy of intervention increased the percentage of completed vaccination schemes, from 21.1% to 93.5% among children under one year of age, as well as the recruitment rate. This strategy can help to achieve a better coverage of vaccination programs in urban areas where coverage is low.
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