Morphological and electrophoretic data of primary pulmonary fibroblasts cultures obtained from normal and Ovalbumin-Challenged "Asthmatic" Wistar rats treated by speleotherapy in Cacica and Dej Romanian Salt Mines

Constantin Munteanu, Diana Munteanu, Iuri Simionca, Mihai Hoteteu
2010 Balneo Research Journal  
Objective: To investigate the influence of salt mine medium from the Romanian Cacica and Dej Salt Mines upon the cell morphology and electrophoretic expression of pulmonary fibroblasts in vitro obtained from Wistar rats' lung, in normal and Ovalbumin challenged "asthmatic" conditions. Materials and methods: Pulmonary fibroblasts cultures were prepared from Wistar rat lung. Cultures derived from lung rat develop with a monolayer of fibroblasts attached to the culture dish. Before cultures
more » ... ore cultures initiation, Wistar rats of 75-100 g weight were divided in two lots: control and ovalbumin challenged animals. Ten animals of each lot were send to Cacica and Dej Salt Mine for 14 days and maintained in the salt mine medium, as in speleotherapy treatment. Results: Speleotherapy of Wistar rats had induced significant differences in cell morphology and electrophoretic expression of primary pulmonary fibroblasts cultures. The data obtained support the protective effects of speleotherapy by comparing with ovalbumin sensibilised animals. Conclusions: The results of this study indicate the fact that speleotherapy induces changes on the morphology and protein expression of pulmonary fibroblasts in vitro, and these changes support the beneficial effects of speleotherapy.
doi:10.12680/balneo.2010.1003 fatcat:xshks733jnapjlp7mdztlu5gmm