Modelling point spread function in fluorescence microscopy with a sparse Gaussian mixture: trade-off between accuracy and efficiency

Denis K. Samuylov, Prateek Purwar, Gabor Szekely, Gregory Paul
2019 IEEE Transactions on Image Processing  
Deblurring is a fundamental inverse problem in bioimaging. It requires modeling the point spread function (PSF), which captures the optical distortions entailed by the image formation process. The PSF limits the spatial resolution attainable for a given microscope. However, recent applications require a higher resolution and have prompted the development of super-resolution techniques to achieve sub-pixel accuracy. This requirement restricts the class of suitable PSF models to analog ones. In
more » ... dition, deblurring is computationally intensive, hence further requiring computationally efficient models. A custom candidate fitting both the requirements is the Gaussian model. However, this model cannot capture the rich tail structures found in both the theoretical and empirical PSFs. In this paper, we aim at improving the reconstruction accuracy beyond the Gaussian model, while preserving its computational efficiency. We introduce a new class of analog PSF models based on the Gaussian mixtures. The number of Gaussian kernels controls both the modeling accuracy and the computational efficiency of the model: the lower the number of kernels, the lower the accuracy and the higher the efficiency. To explore the accuracy-efficiency tradeoff, we propose a variational formulation of the PSF calibration problem, where a convex sparsity-inducing penalty on the number of Gaussian kernels allows trading accuracy for efficiency. We derive an efficient algorithm based on a fully split formulation of alternating split Bregman. We assess our framework on synthetic and real data, and demonstrate a better reconstruction accuracy in both geometry and photometry in point source localization-a fundamental inverse problem in fluorescence microscopy.
doi:10.1109/tip.2019.2898843 pmid:30762548 fatcat:fq2j7ag46rhxdl4fqou5pnj2b4