1922 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
I'ho ninjor portion of tho book summnriscs the scientific litcrnturc of zirconium nnd its compounds. genernlly in a non-critical nncl non-conimittnl spirit. Whcrc so mucli is rngiic and indcfinito tlio nutlior is no doubt wisc to postpone nny nttciiipt n t scpnrnting tlic nlinit from tlic t:ircs. Zirconium salts nro prctlomincntly basic in clinrnctrr nncl i n so1utio11 linvc n ronst:int tentleiicy t o iinclcrgo fiirtlier liyclrolysis : i d to pnss into n colloid'nl or .wmi-colloidal st.n tn.
more » ... lloidal st.n tn. Tlic clicmicnl and pliysicnl properties of n soliltion of nny zirconium salt arc i n nlmost cvcry cnso :I fiinction of tlio prcrioiis history of tho solution nnd of the solute. 9'0 n o w recognition of this fnctor must bo nttributctl ninny nppnrently conflicting observntions by difkrcnt workers. Tlicro is Iicrc, no tloiil)t, a rich ficld of csplorntion for the student of tlic trnnsitioii stnge I)ot\vccn tlia crystnlloid and the colloid forms of innttcr. The clinptcr 011 nnnlyticnl nictliotls is cliicfly rnlunblc for n nuniber of suggcstions cviclcntly gnrricrcd from tlic :iiitlior's own cspericncc. No pretence is mndc of giving full clctnils of ~nctliocls of scpnrntion nncl nnnlysis, but full rcfcronccs to tho litcrnturo arc given in tlic biblio~mpliy.
doi:10.1002/jctb.5000411017 fatcat:lo6jurxctbcwvmsqp5ymlua5z4