Respon Pemerintah Lokal Terhadap Gerakan Sosial Politik Petani di Kanagarian Mungo Kabupaten 50 Kota Provinsi Sumatera Barat

Dewi Anggaraini
2018 Al-Risalah  
The Agricultural conflict which delivers farmer strikes has already colored the socio‐political condition in Indonesia since colonialism era till reformation era. One of farmer's movements still happens in Mungo village, Luak sub‐district, 50 Kota district, WestSumatra Province. On that village live 300 families who stay and claim to own the land belongs to Indonesia Agriculture Department and protected by Using‐Right Certificate number The farmers denied the certificate and
more » ... e certificate and claim that that they have more rights to that land based on rental agreement Dutch Government in 1918 and there has been any changing on the agreement, which means that land (according to the farmers) is not included into Erfpacht Verponding lands which became the foundation the publishing of using‐right certificate on behalf of Agriculture Department. This farmer movement was responded by the local government by many policies which cannot be accepted by farmers because the policies made without consulting to farmers. The responses of local government categorized into: local governments of West‐Sumatra province, 50 Kota district, Luak sub‐district, and Mungo village, with different policies.
doi:10.30631/al-risalah.v11i02.468 fatcat:fv56gbc7mzcdnphcbtvaizri4e