Preparing Sc-Bearing Master Alloy Using Aluminum–Magnesium Thermoreduction Method

Junhui Xiao, Wei Ding, Yang Peng, Tao Chen, Kai Zou
2020 Metals  
In this study, preparation of Al–Mg–Sc master alloy tests were carried out by Al–Mg thermoreduction method. Stirring by blowing argon and pressing with molten salt jar were adopted to reduce scandium segregation and upgrading scandium recovery of scandium-bearing master alloy. The results show that the Al–Mg–Sc master alloy ingot contained 2.90% Sc, 5.73% Mg, 0.0058% Cu, 0.29%, 0.029% Ti, 0.13% Fe, 0.075% Zn, 0.025% Na, and 96.72% recovered scandium obtained under the comprehensive conditions
more » ... ensive conditions used: m(Al): m(Mg): m(ScCl3) = 10:1:1.5, stirring speed of eight rpm, reduction temperature of 1223 K, reduction time of 40 min. The experimental results are in agreement with the thermodynamic predictions, and Al–Mg–Sc master alloy indicator was ideal.
doi:10.3390/met10070960 fatcat:wkqm3yloxve33dfxrnxyoo6rkm