Genomic Evidence of Recombination in the Basidiomycete Wallemia mellicola

Sun, Gostinčar, Fang, Zajc, Hou, Song, Gunde-Cimerman
2019 Genes  
One of the most commonly encountered species in the small basidiomycetous sub-phylum Wallemiomycotina is Wallemia mellicola, a xerotolerant fungus with a widespread distribution. To investigate the population characteristics of the species, whole genomes of twenty-five strains were sequenced. Apart from identification of four strains of clonal origin, the distances between the genomes failed to reflect either the isolation habitat of the strains or their geographical origin. Strains from
more » ... Strains from different parts of the world appeared to represent a relatively homogenous and widespread population. The lack of concordance between individual gene phylogenies and the decay of linkage disequilibrium indicated that W. mellicola is at least occasionally recombining. Two versions of a putative mating-type locus have been found in all sequenced genomes, each present in approximately half of the strains. W. mellicola thus appears to be capable of (sexual) recombination and shows no signs of allopatric speciation or specialization to specific habitats.
doi:10.3390/genes10060427 fatcat:n3tw24yxxvcvjcrlkuxbdftkmu