1884 Minutes of the Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers  
Causes.-The primary causes of fires breaking out in collieries where the coal is contaminated with pyrites are believed by the Author, who is engineer of the Doyet Collieries in the department of Allier, France, to be the three following :-oxidation of pyrites, friction from slippings, and warmth of air-current. Experiments made by Mr. Fayol have shown that above ground a heap of Commentry small cod, presenting to the air a surface of not more than about 12 square yard per cubic yard, will, if
more » ... bic yard, will, if 1 The original article appeared in the "Bulletin de la Socie'te' de I'Industrie Minirale," 1883, vol. xii., pp. 43-80. a It will be borne in mind that in many of the collieries in the Midland and other coalfields of France the seams are not only of great thickness, sometimes even more than 20 yards, but are also inclined at steep angles, sometimes nearly vertical.-A.B. Downloaded by [ Purdue Univ Lib TSS] on [16/09/16].
doi:10.1680/imotp.1884.21625 fatcat:fkihlgtzt5cq3pz5xjvemzfrzu