Estimation of Subglottal Pressure by Intraoral Pressure

Kazutomo Kitajima, Fumika Fujita, Kazunari Tanaka
1992 The Japan Journal of Logopedics and Phoniatrics  
The present study was designed to compare peak intraoral pressure against subglottal pressure during the production of /i : pi : /. Subglottal pressure was measured using a miniaturized pressure transducer inserted through the nose. The subjects were two normals and 13 patients with various laryngeal diseases. Results showed that Spearman's rank correlation between peak intraoral pressure and subglottal pressure was 0.95, indicating a positive correlation between these two pressures.
more » ... between the two pressures were larger in subjects with higher subglottal pressure (Spearman's rank correlation was 0.75). The estimation of subglottal pressure by intraoral pressure during / i : pi : / production was confirmed to be useful in clinical practice. However the existence of discrepancies between the two pressures must also be kept in mind.
doi:10.5112/jjlp.33.186 fatcat:fhpsrfczqndnziba6gr3epddv4