Light intensity-induced phase transitions in graphene oxide doped polyvinylidene fluoride

Yuri A. Barnakov, Omari Paul, Akinwunmi Joaquim, April Falconer, Richard Mu, Vadim Y. Barnakov, Dmitriy Dikin, Vitalii P. Petranovskii, Andre Zavalin, Akira Ueda, Frances Williams
2018 Optical Materials Express  
We report switching behavior between the ferroelectric β phase and the paraelectric α phase in polyvinylidene fluoridemultiwalled carbon nanotube (PVDF-CNT) nanocomposite. The PVDF-CNT nanocomposite thin films are prepared on Au/Si substrates using spin coating technique. Various characterization techniques reveal the interaction of PVDF with CNTs as a nucleating agent for nucleating ferroelectric β phase in PVDF. A wavelength-independent reversible phase transformation behavior is observed for
more » ... ior is observed for the PVDF-CNT nanocomposite during the measurement of laser power modulated micro-Raman spectroscopy (533 and 632 nm lasers). This observation opens up an innovative route where we can control the interactions between polar nanocarbons and PVDF using visible light.
doi:10.1364/ome.8.002579 fatcat:cayouuooqveqfoviz2ivzd6gdy