Wedding culture & lists of wedding gifts from the Gyungnam area in the 20th century
20세기 경남 지역의 혼례문화와 혼례물목

Imsun Cho, Eunjin Lee
2017 The Research Journal of the Costume Culture  
The study uses lists of wedding gifts used from old Korean documents written in Hangeul in the western Gyungnam province during the 20th century. The study analyzed four lists of wedding gifts from the Muncheongak archive and two lists from the archive of ancient document. This analysis found that clothing accounts for the majority of the items in the lists, and items such as furniture, jewelry, household goods, and medical materials were also recorded. That the furnishings were commonly
more » ... ere commonly prepared by the groom's side, and the fact that the number of jeogori was higher than the number of skirt, speaks to the unique wedding custom of Gyeongsang province. While the groom's list of wedding gifts included a record of the bride's ornaments, jewelry, and furnishings in the bride's list, the groom's nickel top-knot pin was only included as an ornament. In the list of wedding gifts between brothers, the gifts for the eldest son differed from those for the third son in terms of number and price. The list of wedding gifts between father and son illustrates how economic development and changing times wedding custom. The lists of wedding gifts in the old Korean documents shed light on the oral research into 20th century wedding custom, which will be used as basic data in researching and reproducting the wedding culture and life conditions of the time. Keywords: list of wedding gifts(혼례물목), wedding ceremony of Gyeongnam area(경 남의 혼례), traditional wedding(전통혼례), Korea wedding culture in 20th century(20세기 한국 혼례문화)
doi:10.7741/rjcc.2017.25.2.159 fatcat:2htc2tevyvgihcxmiqhn6qbhde