Study on the Pollen Thermo-Sensitive and Stigma Exsertion Male Sterile Line Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) cv. Da107

Qinzhi Yu, Congyao Liang, Xianyu Wang, Yongcheng Du, Masaharu Masuda, Kenji Murakami
2015 American Journal of Plant Sciences  
To accelerate the breeding process, male sterile line is used to leave out the troublesome procedures of the artificial emasculation in tomato breeding. However, the fertility of the pollen thermo-sensitivity male sterile line (PTMSL) and the stigma exsertion male sterile line (SEMSL) are affected easily by the environments when used alone. The trial materials were Da107 and the control was First. This study was conducted to create a new male sterile line of tomato characterized by pollen
more » ... zed by pollen thermo-sensitivity and long style by genic recombination through the hybridizing of the PTMSL and SEMSL. Research on the statistics of the pollen germination rate, the contamination rate in F1 and the flower organics indicated that Da107 was an ideal TS and SE male sterile line with the sterility of 95%, as well as it also could be used as fertile line at low temperature. Meanwhile, the results showed that hybrid-seed contamination risk with selfed seeds from residual fertility in Da107 was low.
doi:10.4236/ajps.2015.616255 fatcat:dbsva34n6jfh3grtaj234mlo74