Bizarre Dialogues with the Director Radu Afrim and the Scenographer Irina Moscu

Ioana Petcu
2017 Theatrical Colloquia  
The end of January in Iaşi is like the beginning of January. Meaning that it is also very cold. Director Radu Afrim is in rehearsals at Teatrul Naţional with Măcelăria lui Iov (Job's Butchery) by Fausto Paravidino and he is accompanied by his scenographer, Irina Moscu. They are on the fifth collaboration after Naïve, Completely Frivolous Details in yhe Life and Death of the Audience (Teatrul Maghiar de Stat in Timişoara), Suntrack (Teatrul Maria Filotti in Brăila), Everything's Alright between
more » ... 's Alright between Us (Teatrul Naţional in Bucharest) and The Retro Bird Hits the Block and Falls on The Hot Sand (Teatrul Naţional in Târgu-Mureş).
doi:10.1515/tco-2017-0013 fatcat:q5nuajeflzdrdm5qu72fi5mlhm