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MINERAL AND COAL-BASED MINING MANAGEMENT Dr. Suryaningsi., M.H. Suryaningsih.kmd@gmail.com Abstract Article 33 of the NRI-1945 Constitution states that the Earth, Water and natural resources contained therein are controlled by the State and used for the greatest prosperity of the people. The article is often interpreted that the benefits of natural resources (in this case the mineral and coal resources) should be enjoyed by the people directly. UU no. 4 of 2009 on the basic provisions of
more » ... rovisions of mining. Set about mining permits and supervision. In reality, however, it is contrary to the normative provisions as follows: a mining business permit is granted by the regent / mayor if the mine area is within a regency / municipality. But it is the act of arbitrariness in the granting of permits. The number of problems caused by the mining business permit made the government finally conduct a moratorium (temporary suspension) permit for new mines. In addition to the problem of supervision of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) found irregularities in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources c.q.Direktorat General of mineral and coal against the functional position of supervision and supervision by the Mining Inspector (IT). Audit KPK found that the number of IT candidates throughout Indonesia who have passed the training of 899 people. There are 102 people already designated as functional IT officials. A small sample in East Kalimantan that has passed the training of 81 people however, which was appointed only 18 people. While the government has targeted IT personnel to reach 1000 people throughout Indonesia. The KPK audit results are the findings of irregularities in the implementation of the appointment of mining inspectors. This is ultimately the reason for the law number 32 of 2004, should be revised. The objective of the research is to know and analyze the implementation of mineral and coal min [...]
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