A Spectral Clustering Algorithm Improved by P Systems

Guangchun Chen, Juan Hu, Hong Peng, Jun Wang, Xiangnian Huang
2018 International Journal of Computers Communications & Control  
Using spectral clustering algorithm is diffcult to find the clusters in the cases that dataset has a large difference in density and its clustering effect depends on the selection of initial centers. To overcome the shortcomings, we propose a novel spectral clustering algorithm based on membrane computing framework, called MSC algorithm, whose idea is to use membrane clustering algorithm to realize the clustering component in spectral clustering. A tissue-like P system is used as its computing
more » ... d as its computing framework, where each object in cells denotes a set of cluster centers and velocity-location model is used as the evolution rules. Under the control of evolutioncommunication mechanism, the tissue-like P system can obtain a good clustering partition for each dataset. The proposed spectral clustering algorithm is evaluated on three artiffcial datasets and ten UCI datasets, and it is further compared with classical spectral clustering algorithms. The comparison results demonstrate the advantage of the proposed spectral clustering algorithm.
doi:10.15837/ijccc.2018.5.3238 fatcat:yhlyv2quujg6nhnujt5jpd4oqa