Deformation behavior of an electrodeposited nano-Ni/amorphous Fe78Si9B13laminated composite sheet

Kaifeng Zhang, Shaosong Jiang, Xifeng Li
2015 Manufacturing Review  
A nano-Ni/amorphous Fe 78 Si 9 B 13 composite sheet was prepared in the form of three-ply (Ni-Fe 78 Si 9 B 13 -Ni) laminated structure by an electrodeposition method. The average grain size of Ni layers is about 50 nm. The interface of laminated composite was investigated with SEM equipped with energy dispersive scanning (EDS) and line analysis technique. The laminated composite has a good interfacial bonding between amorphous layer and nano-Ni layers due to the mutual diffusion of atoms in Fe
more » ... ion of atoms in Fe 78 Si 9 B 13 and Ni layers during the process of electrodeposition. A maximum elongation of 115.5% was obtained when the volume fraction of nano-Ni layers (V Ni ) was 0.77, which is greatly higher than that of monolithic amorphous Fe 78 Si 9 B 13 ribbon (36.3%) tested under the same conditions. Bulging tests were carried out to evaluate plastic forming properties of the Fe 78 Si 9 B 13 /Ni laminated composite. Under the condition of 450°C, 4.0 MPa and 30 min, a good bulging part with the relative bulging height (RBH) of 0.4 was obtained.
doi:10.1051/mfreview/2015012 fatcat:ngqcc7qvqbewff5wx23c654fju