III.—The Friedel–Crafts' reaction. Part I. Phthalyl chloride and the mechanism of its reaction with benzene

Maurice Copisarow
1917 Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions  
condensing phthalyl chloride with benzene in the presence of aluminium chloride, obtained diphenylphthalide (phthalophenone) as the main product and some anthraquinone and o-benzoylbenzoic acid as by-products. Haller and Guyot (Bull. Soe. chim., 1897, [iii], 17, 873), on repeating the condensation, succeeded in isolating a small quantity of diphenylanthrone. Scheiber (Annalen, 1912, 389, 121) , however, found the main product of the reaction, when carried out a t a low temperature, t o be
more » ... ature, t o be o-benzoylbenzoic acid. Zoc. cit., p. 3490).
doi:10.1039/ct9171100010 fatcat:blmlzh46g5bkrpcqale4dh7kgi