Mapping Ancient Identities [article]

Susanne Grunwald, Kerstin P. Hofmann, Daniel A. Werning, Felix Wiedemann, Didier Marcotte, Robert Born, Lars Erik Zeige, Philipp Krämer, Jörg Mose, Lucile Haguet, Melanie Wasmuth, Haim Goren (+10 others)
Ancient maps should not be viewed as impartial scientific instruments but rather as technical things based on the sedimentation of older works and the instruments, languages and practices of other disciplines. These foundations prejudiced the cartography of the various classical and ancient studies from the start, binding it into a system of specific regional, disciplinary, political, and science and research policy-related constellations. This volume contains examples of the mapping of
more » ... mapping of collective entities from various classical and ancient studies, and also from human geography and linguistics. In the introduction we consider the question of feedbacks in cartographic strategies for representing and identifying ancient collectives. We therefore focus on the mapping practices of classical and ancient studies from a number of perspectives: diagrammatic, history of science and identity theory.
doi:10.18452/19753 fatcat:7spsbnwqvjetnodphr7tpzqqhi