Early dynamics of the semantic priming shift

Frédéric Lavigne, Lucile Chanquoy, Laurent Dumercy, Françoise Vitu
2013 Advances in Cognitive Psychology  
2 laboratoire de Psychologie cognitive, UMr 7290, cnrs and Aix-Marseille Université, France association strength, concept, interstimulus interval, multiple priming, prime duration semantic processing of sequences of words requires the cognitive system to keep several word meanings simultaneously activated in working memory with limited capacity. the realtime updating of the sequence of word meanings relies on dynamic changes in the associates to the words that are activated. Protocols involving
more » ... Protocols involving two sequential primes report a semantic priming shift from larger priming of associates to the first prime to larger priming of associates to the second prime, in a range of long soAs (stimulus-onset asynchronies) between the second prime and the target. however, the possibility for an early semantic priming shift is still to be tested, and its dynamics as a function of association strength remain unknown. three multiple priming experiments are proposed that cross-manipulate association strength between each of two successive primes and a target, for different values of short soAs and prime durations. results show an early priming shift ranging from priming of associates to the first prime only to priming of strong associates to the first prime and all of the associates to the second prime. We investigated the neural basis of the early priming shift by using a network model of spike frequency adaptive cortical neurons (e.g., deco & rolls, 2005), able to code different association strengths between the primes and the target. the cortical network model provides a description of the early dynamics of the priming shift in terms of pro-active and retro-active interferences within populations of excitatory neurons regulated by fast and unselective inhibitory feedback. corresponding author: Frederic lavigne, laboratoire Bases, corpus, language, UMr 7320, cnrs and Université de nice-sophia Antipolis, saint Jean d'Angély 3, 3 boulevard François Mitterand, 06357 nice, cedex 4, France. AbstrAct Keywords
doi:10.5709/acp-0126-9 fatcat:len3bqbbjzftdg7r4wfzk7ge4i