Energy saving practices in households of a Greek municipality [article]

Elena Natsidou, Democritus University Of Thrace
Πξαθηηθέο εμνηθνλόκεζεο ελέξγεηαο ζηα λνηθνθπξηά ελόο ειιεληθνύ δήκνπ: ε πεξίπησζε ηνπ δήκνπ Θεξκατθνύ ΝΑΣΗΓΟΤ ΔΛΔΝΑ ΑΜ: 1.18 Δπηβιέπσλ θαζεγεηήο: Σύκπαο Αξηζηνηέιεο, Καζεγεηήο, ΗΦΔ, ΔΚΠΑ Αιεμαλδξνύπνιε 2019 ΓΖΜΟΚΡΗΣΔΗΟ ΠΑΝΔΠΗΣΖΜΗΟ ΘΡΑΚΖ ΥΟΛΖ ΔΠΗΣΖΜΧΝ ΑΓΧΓΖ ΣΜΖΜΑ ΔΠΗΣΖΜΧΝ ΣΖ ΔΚΠΑΗΓΔΤΖ ΣΖΝ ΠΡΟΥΟΛΗΚΖ ΖΛΗΚΗΑ 2 ΠΡΟΓΡΑΜΜΑ ΜΔΣΑΠΣΤΥΗΑΚΧΝ ΠΟΤΓΧΝ ΔΚΠΑΗΓΔΤΖ ΓΗΑ ΣΟ ΠΔΡΗΒΑΛΛΟΝ ΚΑΗ ΣΖΝ ΑΔΗΦΟΡΗΑ ΜΔΣΑΠΣΤΥΗΑΚΖ ΔΡΓΑΗΑ ΔΗΓΗΚΔΤΖ Πξαθηηθέο εμνηθνλόκεζεο ελέξγεηαο ζηα λνηθνθπξηά ελόο ειιεληθνύ δήκνπ: ε πεξίπησζε
more » ... κνπ: ε πεξίπησζε ηνπ δήκνπ Θεξκατθνύ ΝΑΣΗΓΟΤ ΔΛΔΝΑ ΑΜ: 1.18 Δμεηαζηηθή Δπηηξνπή: Δπηβιέπσλ: Σύκπαο Αξηζηνηέιεο, Καζεγεηήο, ΗΦΔ, ΔΚΠΑ 2 ν κέινο: Γεκεηξίνπ Αλαζηαζία, Καζεγήηξηα, ΣΔΔΠΖ, ΓΠΘ 3 ν κέινο: Αξαπνζηάζεο Δπζηάζηνο, Δπίθνπξνο Καζεγεηήο, ΗΦΔ, ΔΚΠΑ Τπεύζπλε Γήισζε: Βεβαηώλσ όηη είκαη ν ζπγγξαθέαο ηεο ΜΓΔ θαη όηη έρσ πεξηιάβεη όιεο ηηο βηβιηνγξαθηθέο αλαθνξέο πνπ αμηνπνηήζεθαλ γηα ηε ζύληαμε ηεο. ABSTRACT The use of energy is an integral part of everyday life. The needs of an ever-increasing population, combined with an improvement in their living standards, require the consumption of more and more energy sources, mainly from fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas. However, the reserves of the above fuels are limited and as homes consume a large part of the total energy used worldwide for lighting, cooling, heating, hot water and the operation of electrical household appliances, it is considered necessary to reduce the energy consumed either by using more efficient installations either by switching to renewable energy sources. Energy saving at home is necessary as greenhouse gas emissions that are inextricably linked to climate change are limited. The rational use of energy may be achieved through the cultivation of environmental consciousness of consumers, which in turn leads to a change of behavior in order to reduce energy wastage. Citizens who make prudent use of energy also have a financial benefit. In the context of this diplomatic work, research on energy saving practices was conducted in reference to the households of a Greek municipality. The municipality chosen was that of Thermaikos. The research focused on the ways its citizens save energy every day in their homes in the context of their heating and electric needs. The data collected, through questionnaires, was processed through the spss program. The results suggest that the citizens of Thermaikos do not rely on environmentally friendly practices in regards to energy management. This is due to economic reasons or because they are not adequately informed. KEY WORDS: energy saving, households, municipality of Thermaikos 7 ΠΔΡΗΔΥΟΜΔΝΑ ΠΔΡΗΛΖΦΖ 5 ABSTRACT 6 ΠΔΡΗΔΥΟΜΔΝΑ 7 ΔΤΡΔΣΖΡΗΟ ΔΗΚΟΝΧΝ 10 ΔΤΡΔΣΖΡΗΟ ΠΗΝΑΚΧΝ 10 ΔΤΡΔΣΖΡΗΟ ΓΡΑΦΖΜΑΣΧΝ 11 ΔΗΑΓΧΓΖ 13 ΘΔΧΡΖΣΗΚΟ ΜΔΡΟ 1. Ζ ΔΞΟΗΚΟΝΟΜΖΖ ΔΝΔΡΓΔΗΑ ΚΑΗ Ζ ΑΝΑΓΚΑΗΟΣΖΣΑ ΣΖ 16 7. ΤΜΠΔΡΑΜΑΣΑ -ΤΕΖΣΖΖ 102 ΒΗΒΛΗΟΓΡΑΦΗΑ 113 ΠΑΡΑΡΣΖΜΑ ΠΗΝΑΚΑ ΤΝΣΟΜΟΓΡΑΦΗΧΝ ΔΡΧΣΖΜΑΣΟΛΟΓΗΟ 119 119 120
doi:10.26257/heal.duth.9824 fatcat:k7b3jk37kffcfpssawv7bfuxhu