The Physiology of the Amino-Acids

1916 Archives of Internal Medicine  
Press. Price, $1.35 net. In his preface the author very justly emphasizes the urgent need for a book or monograph on this subject. He has written a summary for the "busy practitioner and others whose resources for consulting original communications are limited." Professor Underhill has carefully analyzed the existing literature and has produced a work which, in a very concise but thorough manner, brings out the most important facts concerning the proteins and amino-acids. The successive
more » ... successive chapters deal with the derivation of amino-acids from proteins, the digestion, absorption and excretion of the amino-acids, and their relation to the organism in health and disease. The mere lists of amino-acids and their formulas and other matter which it is a question of "mental gymnastics" to memorize and which serve for necessary reference only are quickly disposed of, and the following chapters on the physiologic and pathologic chemistry of these substances unfold themselves in logical sequence. The treatment of the subject is that of the finished lecturer, thoroughly conversant with his subject, expounding it to a class of beginners. This is a very excellent method of presentation. For the clinician the book gives an adequate exposition of the scientific aspect of the subject, but is not far-reaching enough on its clinical side. The subjects of intestinal putrefaction, auto-intoxication,
doi:10.1001/archinte.1916.00080160141008 fatcat:63omhf3hyjbzlf2vcw4jffa4ge