New Mycetophilidae from California

Esther Guthrie
1917 Annals of the Entomological Society of America  
During the fall, winter and early spring of 1915-16 a number of species of fungi was collected by the writer, in the environs of Stanford University for the purpose of studying Mycetophilid fauna. The collection consisted of twenty-one species of fungi. These were determined for me by Prof. McMurphy of the Botany Department. Some of these fungi furnished no insects while others furnished insects of several species, as shown in the appended table-the same species, in some cases, being found in
more » ... s, being found in more than one species of fungus. The following species are described as new. I. Mycetophila maculosa n. sp. Male: Length 4 mm. Head yellowish; antennas brownish; scape yellowish, flagellum gradually darkening from base to tip. Humerus yellow; pleurae brownish. Two vittae on dorsum, continuing over scutellum. Metanotum brown with narrow light median line. Hairs pale; setae dark. Abdomen brown; posterior margin of second and succeeding segments narrowly yellow; Hypopygium (Plate XXV, A) coxas and legs yellow; middle and hind coxae with spot on posterior surface. Tips of middle and hind femora and metatarsi narrowly dark brown. No setae on flexor surface of middle tibiae; two ranges of setae on extensor surface of hind tibiae. Fore metatarsis about 7-8 as long as tibiae; hind metatarsi about .9 as long as remaining joints taken together. Wing, yellowish gray, hyaline; dark brown spot at cross veins; barely clouded nearly midway between cross veins and apical margin, extending over marginal and first submarginal cells. Branches of cubitus not divergent. (Plate XXV, Fig. la) . Halteres yellow. Female: Same as male, with some little variations in color.
doi:10.1093/aesa/10.4.314 fatcat:q4jdvobsinenzb7s6ozdqp3do4