The Assignment-Swap Algorithm for Large-scale Transportation Problem with Incomplete Cost Lists
불완전 비용 리스트를 가진 대규모 수송문제의 배정-교환 알고리즘

Sang-Un Lee
2015 Journal of the Korea Society of Computer and Information  
This paper suggests assignment-swap algorithm with time complexity  to obtain the optimal solution for large-scale of transportation problem (TP) with incomplete cost lists. Generally, the TP with complete cost lists can be solved with TSM (Transportation Simplex Method). But, we can't be solved for large-scale of TP with TSM. Especially. It is hard to solve for large-scale TP with incomplete cost lists using TSM. Therefore, experts simply using commercial linear programming package.
more » ... ming package. Firstly, the proposed algorithm applies assignment strategy of transportation quantity to ascending order of transportation cost. Then, we reassign from surplus of supply to shortage of demand. Secondly, we perform the 2-opt and 1-opt swap optimization to obtain the optimal solution. Upon application to  ×  incomplete cost matrix problem, the proposed
doi:10.9708/jksci.2015.20.6.051 fatcat:m46f6x447bfbhi6rhdb33ce54q