Effects of Change of Mazhab (School Of Thought) on Waqf in Malaysia and Other Muslim Countries

Nizaita Omar, Zulkifly Muda
2018 International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences  
Islam, being the religion of Allah and the way which covers all aspects of human life, is able to interact and provides best solutions for all human issues, whether it involves Muslim community or otherwise. Ijtihad (personal reasoning) which is done in order to permit or prohibits the new discovery is based on the exact authorities derived from Islamic legal sources. Islamic scholars made ijtihad for the sake of public interest. It need to be noted here that the practice of considering the
more » ... considering the views of all scholars in any issues is allowed in Islam due to the reason that such distinguish views normally stress on matters regarding furu' (branches). The issue of waqf as well as other issues regarding fiqh, is exposed to differences of opinions among scholars from different schools of thought (mazhab). This article comes to discuss change of mazhab (school of thought), its effect on waqf. The specific study will be focused to the practiced law and some relevant cases in waqf in Malaysia. In order for this topic to be more understood, some comparison between the Malaysia Law and other muslims countries in waqf will be held. This research will manifest the meticulous side of Islam in the matter of property management, and prosperity of ummah (community) in general. To put it briefly, Islam perceives assets or properties as not only meant for personal needs but for social responsibility as well.
doi:10.6007/ijarbss/v8-i4/4063 fatcat:j4nrayyim5d25bhmcgqfsyoygu