Advertising photography during the 1930s: Victor Keppler's strike cigarette campaign [post]

Loreto Pinochet
2021 unpublished
The Great Depression was a decade in the United States which was characterized by high unemployment, budget cuts and low income. Citizens, especially the working class did not have the financial resources to purchase the same amount of goods previous to this economic crisis. The advertising business took this opportunity to sell products to the masses, during a time when purchasing luxury goods were not a priority or even a possibility. This created many changes in how advertisements were
more » ... ed and how they looked. Using Victor Keppler as an example, this thesis will describe how the advertising agency Lord & Thomas used colour photography for their Lucky Strike cigarette advertisement campaign, the Witnessed Statement Series. It will describe how the colour carbro print became the mass reproduced advertisement found in magazines and newspapers. The thesis will describe this process and the people who were involved in creating the final print advertisement.
doi:10.32920/ryerson.14655237 fatcat:em2gpsjzpbd2hisjsdeo6laawi