Weekly Report of Deaths in Boston

1829 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
The services at the Church were closed with a prayer and a hymn, after which the procession followed the body to St. Paul's Church, in the cemetery of which it was deposited. It was the first design of his friends to have only a private funeral ; but the spontaneous expression of a desire to exhibit an affectionate regard for his memory, by a participation in these last mournful services, was so general and so strong, that his family were induced to forego their own feelings to gratify those of
more » ... to gratify those of his numerous friends. The week before last, we intimated the probability of an increase of pulmonary affections from the humid atmosphere of the dissolving snows. This has been verified. Catarrhal inflammation of the lungs, and peripneumony, commonly called lung fever here, have been of fréquent occurrence. Many severe cases of pleurisy have also presented themselves. Sore throat, or cynanche tonsillaris, is prevalent ; and the whole community appear to be affected with cough. So far as we can judge there has been a considerable increase of disease, the last fourteen days. An intelligent gentleman, travelling homewards from the South, where he had passed the winter, stated, that landing about three weeks since on the shores of New-England, he immediately experienced the chilling influence of the region of snows, and became affected with a catarrh which has continued from that lime. The snows of the middle states had of course disappeared. Those of this section of the country have now in a great measure dissolved from the influence of the milder atmosphere and the rains of last week. Our climate changed on the 28th of March. On that day the previously invariable frost did not occur as usual in the night. The pulmonic cases alluded to above have not been very fatal : but the present is the season of danger, particularly for children ; and we must prepare for the worst. Bleeding has not, so far as we have seen, been distinctly beneficial in these cases. From emetics and blisters, we have seen valuable effects.
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