Poster: Rico and the Jets

Cristian Ricardo Constante Amores, Lyes Kahouadji, Assen Batchvarov, Omar K. Matar
2019 72th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics - Gallery of Fluid Motion   unpublished
The flow of the jet into a stagnant phase leads to the formation of a mushroom-like shape at the jet leading edge, which exhibits a roll-up driven by the density and viscosity contrast between the two phases. Visualisation under the mushroom-like structure shows the formation of droplets due to interface rupture. The temporal evolution of the interface coloured by the velocity are shown in the top three Figures.
doi:10.1103/aps.dfd.2019.gfm.p0020 fatcat:2bbwpt6nyzahjmy3vlvwrklvsm