New woodland beetle species (Coleoptera) in Estonian fauna. 2

Ilmar Süda
2016 Metsanduslikud Uurimused  
The article presents an annotated list of 99 new beetle species for Estonia (mainly woodland ones) along with their faunistic data. Most of the material has been collected by the author using trunk window traps within the framework of various research and monitoring projects in 2011–2015. In addition, the work comprises a number of unpublished new species, which were revealed in the material of older collections. These originate mainly from the coleopterologist J. Miländer's beetle collection
more » ... beetle collection preserved at the Estonian University of Life Sciences (finds from the period of 1930–1982) and from the private collection of zoosemiotist A. Turovski. 13 species are new for the fauna of the whole Baltic region. Three species are new for Northern Europe: Triplax carpathica Rtt. (Erotylidae), Phloiotrya subtilis (Rtt.) (Melandryidae) and Carpophilus truncatus Murray (Nitidulidae). Triplax carpathica Rtt. (Erotylidae) and Clypeorhagus clypeatus (Hampe) (Eucnemidae), each known only from a single locality, belong to the European IUCN Red List. Two discovered species, Airaphilus perangustus Lindberg (Silvanidae) and Ochthebius czwalinai Kuwert (Hydraenidae), are known for their very restricted spreading area in Europe. For a large part of the new species (36 out of 99) Estonia lies on the northern edge of their areal. These species have not yet been recorded north of Estonia in Finland, where the beetle fauna is studied better. For two Nitidulidae species, Carpophilus marginellus Motsch. and Glischrochilus quadrisignatus (Say), fast spreading over Estonia was registered in the last five years. Somewhat earlier, a species closely related to the latter, Glischrochilus grandis (Tournier), showed the same tendency of fast spreading in Estonia. Six species, Pityophthorus glabratus Eichhoff (Curculionidae), Dirrhagofarsus attenuatus (Mäklin) (Eucnemidae), Hypebaeus flavipes (F.) (Malachiidae), Dacne notata (Gmelin) (Erotylidae), Aulonothroscus brevicollis (Bonv.) (Throscidae) and Carpophilus dimidiatus (F.) (Nitidulidae) have to be excluded from the list of Estonian fauna due to wrong identification.
doi:10.1515/fsmu-2016-0004 fatcat:ca3xgrrotbdbnawcp27s7a6ayq