Growth ring analysis of Euxylophora paraensis through x-ray microdensitometry

Eva Santos de Andrade, Silvana dos Santos Carvalho Garcia, Ana Luisa Kerti Mangabeira Albernaz, Mario Tomazello Fillho, Victor Hugo Pereira Moutinho
2017 Ciência Rural  
ABSTRACT: Euxylophora paraensis Huber - Rutaceae, popularly known as yellow heart, is a species with a low-density population that has suffered intense exploitation in recent decades. This has led to its inclusion in the IBAMA list of endangered species. This study aimed to evaluate the existence of growth rings and their annuity in five trees of Euxylophora paraensis through the x-ray microdensitometry technique, as well as to compare them using the classical method. Application feasibility of
more » ... tion feasibility of this technique can be deepened through future, broader dendroecological studies, which may better elucidate the understanding of the species population dynamics and promote more sustainable uses. Wood disks were collected from the base of five 29-year-old trees from a planting site in the Curua-Una Experimental Station, located in Prainha, Pará State, Brazil. Samples were polished and sanded for the x-ray microdensitometric analysis. Values of minimum, average, and maximum density (0.581, 0.84, and 1.077gcm-3, respectively) were obtained. There was a significant difference in density between the studied trees. Growth rings boundaries, through densitometric pith-bark profile are demarcated by fibrous zones, with density variation between the early wood and late wood. This study concludes that the growth rings of the studied species are distinct and annual, validating the technique used.
doi:10.1590/0103-8478cr20150895 fatcat:eduwaqk7tzchrljam7nm6a7s3i