Comparison of Quench Methods in The Coal Gasification System with Carbon Capture
CO2포집을 포함한 석탄 가스화 시스템에서 급냉 방법에 따른 비교

Joong-Won Lee, Ui-Sik Kim, Kyung-Ho Ko, Jae-Hwa Chung, Jin-Pyo Hong
2012 Transactions of the Korean hydrogen and new energy society  
>> The integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) system is well known for its high efficiency compared with that of other coal fueled power generation system. IGCC offers substantial advantages over pulverized coal combustion when carbon capture and storage (CCS) is required. Commercial plants employ different types of quenching system to meet the purpose of the system. Depending on that, the downstream units of IGCC can be modeled using different operating conditions and units. In case
more » ... CO2 separation and capture, the gasifier product must be converted to hydrogen-rich syngas using Water Gas Shift (WGS) reaction. In most WGS processes, the water gas shift reactor is the biggest and heaviest component because the reaction is relatively slow compared to the other reactions and is inhibited at higher temperatures by thermodynamics. In this study, tehchno-econimic assessments were found according to the quench types and operating conditions in the WGS system. These results can improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of coal gasification.
doi:10.7316/khnes.2012.23.3.285 fatcat:522ai56qmrfnzg3wqzzvppagi4