Educational Boxing Is Worth Becoming a Template for Building up Concussion Prevention Means in Children and Adolescents Sports

André Mukala Nsengu Tshibangu
2013 Advances in Physical Education  
After comparing the means of concussion prevention used in educational boxing with similar means used in other sports practiced by children and adolescents, we noted that the exclusive use of light touches instead of blows in competitions of educational boxing is an original means of preventing concussion, acting on the direct cause rather than on the possible victim of concussion. We have then predicted that educational boxing is possibly the concussion-free form of competition boxing and that
more » ... ion boxing and that it is possibly chronic damage-free. If our predictions are fulfilled, educational boxing may serve as a template for building up concussion prevention means in all sports. Moreover, we would better go on popularizing the practice of educational boxing which is less likely to induce concussion than amateur and professional boxing; which has had more license owners than the two latter boxing seasons in France; and which is practiced almost exclusively by children and adolescents in France. Despite the fact that light touches force of impact is sub-concussive, we need research work be undertaken in order to know whether light touches are harmless in educational boxers having had many fights and to know the occurrence frequency of unexpected concussions from light touches that turn to unintentional counterpunches.
doi:10.4236/ape.2013.31008 fatcat:6ymvq5jgpbdd3jnhr5olbzttxe